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Topic: Sample Rates 16 vs 24 and Soundcards

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    Sample Rates 16 vs 24 and Soundcards

    First, am I correct in assuming that the GPO sounds have been sampled at 24 bit? If so, does it make a difference if I have a 16bit soundcard? Logic would tell me that if the sounds are sampled at 24 bit, then I should invest in a 24 bit soundcard to avoid the overhead of down-sampling.

    Does any of this make sense? Am I correct in my assumptions? If not, would someone be kind enough to elucidate me?


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    Re: Sample Rates 16 vs 24 and Soundcards

    1. GPO is 16-bit.
    2. Down sampling from 24 to 16 is not a problem. You'll end up with a better overall result if you record at 24 with the greater dynamic range. All you lose is dynamic range in the lower 16-bit bounce for the final stereo audio track. Different story if you down sample from, say, 48Khz to 44.1, where the actual samples have to be recalced at other than a power of 2. There are plenty of good modestly priced cards that run at 24-bit. I think the Audiophile 2496 is quite popular and inexpensive.

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