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Topic: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

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    Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

    OK--I'm making good on my threat...here are a few snippets from the euphonium recital I gave last week with my brass quintet and a tuba-euphonium quartet.

    TO NOTE:
    1. The brass quintet does not use a french horn. The thing that sounds like the horn is me playing upper-register euphonium.
    2. This ain't your average brass quintet repertoire.
    3. I am trying to put the euphonium in new yet audience-friendly contexts.
    4. Only try this at home if your high chops are secure
    5. Most of the charts are mine, except where I've indicated otherwise.

    why am I posting these?
    1. 'cause I want all you composers out there to write me some stuff like this.
    2. To show you what I've been doing instead of posting and fiddling with GPO.
    3. All the charts I wrote were (re)done in Overture and proofed in GPO.
    4. I respect your opinions and want you to hear an instrument that is largely overlooked yet has great potential--please send suggestions!!
    5. I simply love the euphonium passionately and love it when people see the potential!!

    1. Jim plays the trumpet solo on Spinning Wheel
    2. Jim does his Gwen Stefani thing
    3. Solos on Struttin' With Some BBQ--Jim & Tuba
    4. American in Paris for the Quintet
    5. Benediction--tubaeuph quartet (John Stevens)
    6. Joshua Fit...tubaeuph quartet (arr. Lennie Niehaus)
    7. Swing Low (arr. Lennie Niehaus)
    8. Nobody Knows...(arr. Lennie Niehaus)
    9. Beale Street Blues (Canadian Brass)
    10. Jim Plays the Mozart Euphonium Concerto
    11. Jim addresses the throng
    12. Sing, Sing, Sing

    I sincerely hope you enjoy these snippets and that they might inspire your own creativity.
    I am very enthused about the possibilities inherent in the euphonium-tuba quartet...it is such a cool sound and audiences eat it up, even when the "shock factor" subsides.

    Thanks, friends, for listening!!
    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

    Some great playing by all in the ensembles there Mr. Snorlax!

    Very impressive performances, especially the variety of styles in the repertoire.

    I, being a trumpeter, enjoy great brass music. I remember fondly a weekend I spent at Indiana University listening to Tuba/Euph Ensembles at some sort of festival. Beautiful, sonorous sounds abound from such ensembles. In fact, one of the most musical performance groups I've ever conducted was our college Tuba/Euph Ensemble at Morehead State.

    Keep up the great work! Love your upper register!

    Donald W. Sorah
    Doctoral Teaching Assistant
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee, FL

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    Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

    As odd it sounds, I sometimes forget what real instruments can do. So thank you for reminding me...

    Very enjoyable playing and arranging!!! I am very impressed (I really like the high notes, too). I'm hopeful of a euphonium in one of the upcoming libraries. It is such a gorgeous buttery sound.

    It reminded me of a brass ensemble I saw a long time ago, but their instruments were a bit more archaic, harkening back to 19th/20th century-style brass bands (the state-fair, hat-wearin, gazebo-sitting kind of bands).

    You were fortunate to get quite a good recording as well. Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

    This was just so enjoyable listening to your snippets. You're right, this ain't your average brass quintet repertoire. Amazing performances.

    Spinning Wheel, American in Paris, Beale Street Blues, Struttin' With Some BBQ, Swing Low, Mozart Euphonium Concerto and more. It doesn't get much better.

    Your doing a great service in showing the great sound and versatility of the euphonium to new audiences.

    Thanks for posting these. I am going to listen to these for some time to come.

    Long live the Eu-moba-phomium!

    Gary Garritan
    PS: These will be helpful as reference for our Euphonium sample programming.

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    Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets


    Very enjoyable. Your upper register reminded me of the old jazz trumpet player, Maynard Ferguson, who could play miles above the staff.

    I played "baritone" horn in my high school band so this brings back pleasant memories.

    Thanks for posting.

    Best regards,

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

    Ohh I love that stuff so much, if you ever want to post more than just a snippet (hint hint) I bet people (the powers that be) wont mind.

    I am thinking that if you redid a couple of them tunes as a polka you could bring people to tears.
    Aaron Clark, C/C++, J2EE, Flash, Perl and PHP programming.
    Logic Pro 7.0.1, G5 1800x2, 3 Gig ram, GPO and GOS lite.
    My site: http://www.clarkaudio.com
    Where I work now: http://www.blinex.com/

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    Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

    Even though I don't have time to listen to them all, when I saw Sing, Sing, Sing, my mouse pounced on it before I could react. And then Beale Street Blues! I'll bet you packed 'em in. Great stuff, man!

    Only one complaint - how 'bout the full versions!

    By the way, nice chops...
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

    Quote Originally Posted by snorlax
    1. 'cause I want all you composers out there to write me some stuff like this.
    You know, depending on how serious you are about that comment, you could start a little contest of your own here for people to submit compositions for your groups to play.

    I'm totally into the low brass thing. Through high school, my friends and I played a trio piece at competitions for tuba, euphonium, and trombone (that was me). I really liked the sound of the tune, even though I can't even remember the name right (German to the effect of "Thronden auf eberhaben sitz" or the like...)

    Anyway, good stuff. I'm glad the audience digs it too.

    - m
    Free MFX and other plugins: http://www.TenCrazy.com/
    Markleford's music: http://www.markleford.com/music/

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    Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets

    I really enjoyed the snippets - when are the full things coming? Can't wait for GPOA so I can start writing euphonium parts...
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Thumbs up Re: Jim "Snorlax" Williams Live in Concert--snippets


    Thank you very much for sharing it, I think it's useful for us, to find out excellent and "naked" samples of brass expressions, to include in orchestral brass programming and refining.

    P.S. samples as examples to imitate with GPO, not as grove sampling of course...

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