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Topic: RMX: Midi Learn

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    RMX: Midi Learn

    ok, I feel a bit foolish. The RMX tutorial on Midi Learn is the shortest vid, but I can't get it workin'. Other VSTi's automation works in my system, so I'm supposin' it's RMX, user error or software. Ahem... Just click 'midi learn' in RMX, move the physical controller, then the parameter in RMX?! Couldn't be easier...Maybe I need SX3? Any help?

    RMX 1.2.0e
    WinXP Home
    Midiman Radium kybd and Peavey PC1600
    Midiman Midisport8x8 connected via the serial port



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    Post Re: RMX: Midi Learn

    Never mind, I got it working. The only thing I did differently was to select 'Any' midi channel in SX. Maybe the controller wasn't setup right. Anyway, all is well...yippee!!


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    Re: RMX: Midi Learn

    Actually I'm having the same problem. I just updated RMX to 1.2.0 and still can't get midi learn to work. My controller is the M-Audio Keystation Pro 88. It's got tons of knobs and faders on in and I want to make good use of them. I shouldn't have to make any unusual tweaks to it since it works out of the box on VSTi's and Cubase SX3. Maybe I do need to change a setting on the keyboard. Either way, RMX isn't getting the "message". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile I'll pour through the keyboard manual. Thanks

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    Re: RMX: Midi Learn

    The first thing you should do whenever you're having midi learn troubles, is turn on the "MIDI CC" option in the value display in the footer. That will show you exactly what midi is being received by RMX. Twirl a knob and watch that display. You should see the values changing. Usually the trouble is that you're not transmitting any midi to RMX, in which case the value display won't change as you move the controller.

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    Re: RMX: Midi Learn

    Hey, That's exactly what's happening. I've got that midi controller parameter window showing and nothing is changing when I turn a knob. But that would mean that though I'm triggering RMX sounds, loops etc., I'm not sending other controller data? Weird.

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    Re: RMX: Midi Learn

    I reset my controller to default state and all is well. Silly me.

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