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Topic: Kontakt question (newbie)

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    Kontakt question (newbie)

    Pardon my ignorance, but I'm wanting to buy some samples in either the AKAI or Gigasampler formats.

    Will the Kontakt version supllied with my GPO play these?

    Or will I have to purchase perhaps a "fuller" version?



    (*On edit - I searched using "kontakt" as the keyword but got a bazillion hits.)

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    Re: Kontakt question (newbie)

    The Kontakt Player included with GPO will only play GPO samples. You'll need the full version to use other libraries be they Akai or Gigasamples.

    The upgrade price is 349 last time I checked.

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    Re: Kontakt question (newbie)

    Thank you for the speedy reply!

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