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Topic: Hat's off to you!

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    Thumbs up Hat's off to you!

    I am sure most of you are or have been listening to the composer station loyally since it first aired. Unfortunately, up until a couple of weeks ago I wasn't able to listen. Now, I have it on during my day at work and at night in my studio if not recording. I truly would like to say how impressed I am with all of you and your outstanding musicianship! My lunch hour has become a favorite time for many of us here at the school listening to your music. Many compliments and questions arise during our break and the conversation always builds to continue the next day.
    My hat's off to all of you with deep admiration and great respect! It is a pleasure knowing I can enjoy young, new and exciting music each day. And let me not go without giving the greatest applause to the man who gave us all the means to realize our music, Mr. Gary Garritan. This man deserves an award for single handedly bringing the symphony orchestra to new heights and to all of you new composers! God, when I stop to think what it might be without GPO I shutter!
    So, I am a bit of a sentimentalist (or just plain mental) I just felt everyone deserves a round of applause!

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    Smile Re: Hat's off to you!

    I can't stop to think this community as a musical, but also human little miracle.

    A lot of very good software and sounds exist and a lot of communities.

    But the affordable didactic orientation of the GPO, attract so many friendly persons that a nice atmosphere is linking beginners with pros, amateurs, students and professors.

    I can only add my ovation to yours, Stixx.

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