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Topic: Trilogy - AU Validation Crashed

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    Trilogy - AU Validation Crashed


    I'm on hold with spectrasonics right now. I've been using trilogy for a couple of months now and this has happened twice and I can't figure out why. All of a sudden when i open up a session where i use trilogy it crashes logic. I go into the au manager and rescan and it shows 'crashed validation'. I trashed the component and reinstalled the 1.2.1SR from the web. Still nothing. Can anyone help me out. I'm in the middle of a project and have been using trilogy throughout.


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    Re: Trilogy - AU Validation Crashed

    boot the Mac from your system DVD and run the diskutility/permission repair 3 times in a row.
    Then reboot from the internal harddrive.
    That always fixes any probs i have with crashing AU plugs.


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