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Topic: Ragomania - by Eugen Dolan

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    Ragomania - by Eugen Dolan

    Eugene Dolan from Dublin, Ireland composed this solo piano rag entitled "Ragomania", and which features the GPO Steinway Piano.


    Incredible playing Eugene! Thanks for sharing this with us.


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Ragomania - by Eugen Dolan

    Darn fine, I say!

    Great to hear a fellow Irishman at the keyboard, too.


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    Re: Ragomania - by Eugen Dolan

    Very Nice rag eugene,what I particularly enjoyed was a few "Ellingtonesque" passages as well as the more normal Joplinny stuff.Nice sound you coaxed from the GPO.Can't wait to hear the next one.

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    Re: Ragomania - by Eugen Dolan

    I've got a soft spot for rags and the GPO piano suits them very well. This was an excellent composition with several nice touches. I also look forward to hearing more!


    PS, Scott, if you're listening, watch out....you've got competition!

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    Thumbs up Re: Ragomania - by Eugen Dolan

    I love ragtime!

    It's an excellent sample, stylish and believable.

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    Re: Ragomania - by Eugen Dolan


    Excellent rag and great-sounding Steinway. To date, my GPO Steinway doesn't sound this pure--and it ain't the samples fault.

    Have downloaded this as a good example of Gary's Steinway. Very well done.

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    Re: Ragomania - by Eugen Dolan

    Makes we wish I could play the piano well enough to play something like this! Nice work.
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    Smile Re: Ragomania - by Eugene Dolan

    This is the first piece I've posted, and am using GPO just about 1 month now and am in the learning stages. Thanks to all of you for you nice comments - this gives me encouragement to press on to something new.

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