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Topic: Microtuning - opinions on best softsampler

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    Microtuning - opinions on best softsampler

    Hi, I have friend who has asked me the following question re microtuning. I wondered if someone could shed some light on this?:

    ". They [the clients] use a lot of microtuning and would like to find a software sampler (that will run on a laptop, ideally) that will give them 1 cent resolution plus the ability to map these very fine changes to the keys on a keyboard. They are into temperament tuning, dynamic tuning, you-name-it tuning and I wondered whether Gigasampler might be a good choice or whether you had any suggestions."

    Any input would be appreciated. Which soft sampler handles this best? Thanks...

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    Re: Microtuning - opinions on best softsampler

    Well , Kontakt 1.53 already has some microtuned templates in there. But with K2 i think you could do some pretty accurate microtuning stuff with the Scripting feature...Plus its VST so its easy to run on 1 laptop. Also Absynth 3 has some amazing microtuning possiblilities and templates and although its not a sampler per se, you can load and record samples into it. With GS and you might have to dedicate your whole laptop to it...

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    Re: Microtuning - opinions on best softsampler

    I'm fairly certain you can use Scala with most samplers including Gigasampler/gigastudio.

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    Re: Microtuning - opinions on best softsampler

    I was experimenting with microtuning using Gigasampler a while back myself. Good for quick mockups but its 1 cent resolution is a little rough. I ended up pitch shifting the samples in Sound Forge which give 1/10 of a cent resolution. But if you refer to Wilkinson's or Carlos' tables, they use 1/100 of a cent resolution.


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    Re: Microtuning - opinions on best softsampler

    first you need exactly pitched samples, before you can pitch 1/10 of a cent!
    Tipp: The Xsample library is pitched with such a high resolution. There are many tuning templates you can find in the programms of all instruments (Vol.1 - Vol. 13).


    Hans Josef

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    Re: Microtuning - opinions on best softsampler

    Thanks guys. I think GS3 or K2 are going to do the job.

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    Re: Microtuning - opinions on best softsampler

    Have a look into Independence by Yellow Tools - a mighty sampler IMHO! Mac only so far, but PC version in planning.

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