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Topic: golf, spa, compose, golf, spa, compose...

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    golf, spa, compose, golf, spa, compose...

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    After a build up of physical issues named appropriately by Scott Cairns as composer injuries, I have recently purchased a lifestyle membership to balance out my daily activities.

    Get a load of this deal...

    I have 7 day access to 1 gym, 2 aquatic centres (50m indoor pool, spa, sauna) Two 18 hole golf courses!! and a couple of sports centres (tennis, squash, basket ball etc). how much you ask?? $16 per week!! (US$12.50)

    Today, i woke at 6am, played 18 holes and was back in the studio by 9.45am, then off for a spa after lunch.

    I fell inspired
    Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm...

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    Re: golf, spa, compose, golf, spa, compose...

    Oh, Well don't you just have it rough!!! You rich bastard..lol

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