I'm running GPO with SONAR 4, and GPO is working great.
I have loads of RAM (3GB), and even though I use a lot for drums (Drumkit from Hell Superior) and bass (Trilogy bass) - there is still plenty free.

GPO says it's low on memory when it loads, but it works fine (and there is plenty of RAM for it).

Now, I -have- tweaked things a bit to break the 2GB of "user space" RAM barrier. I use the /3GB switch in boot.ini and set the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag SONARPDR.EXE
( I went into detail here http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewto...ht=2gb&start=0
)This works fine, and if the host (SONAR in this case) is happy, then the GPO plug should be happy too shouldn't it?

I'm just running this by you as a FYI, as everything works fine and this seems to be purely cosmetic.