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Topic: Giving up the ghost...

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    Giving up the ghost...

    To all future Giga 3 users : I'm giving up the ghost of trying to have it all on one computer. I gave it my best shot over the past 6 weeks, everyday, but Giga 3 and my ATI 8500DV DVD player and Earthlink and Norton Anti-virus on the same PC is hell-on-earth'. A surprise catastrophie every 24 to 36 hours; Yet always a creative catastrophie. This morning was the last straw when my monitor went black on the left side just enough to cover the Windows' Start button. This makes it a tad' troubling to do much. Before that, all 8 ports of Giga 3 spit themselves out, with no error messages. Before that my monitor wouldn't turn on. Before that Giga wouldn't see my external sample drive, and the fun goes on and on like that. Just be glad that Giga 3 even works on a bare-bones system, because it's too aggravating to lose your musical spirit over all the gadgetry. Maybe a Mac' with Giga 3...hmmm..

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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    give gs3 a cheap 3ghz p4 pc and be happy!

    or would you like to live with freaks in the same appartment?
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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    I knew nothing about computers two years ago, and still know very little.
    I bought a Dell 3.06 ghz desktop from a new dealer on Ebay, and installed an RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652 soundcard, a second HD, and GS3 Orchestra,,,,, and followed all the instructions on Tascam's website of how to customize the PC, and everything is peachy!


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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    Yeah that everything on one computer is too cutting edge for me! Congrats on yer enlightenment. jc

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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    I think the fact that you pretty much need another computer for Giga 3 may spell it's death in the future. As most of the software runs more towards integration on one computer as plugins, this will make Giga harder to compete in the future. With the freeze function of most of the sequencers and 2 GB of RAM, you can do almost everything on one computer. The freeze function unloads the sounds from memory for the frozen plugins. Kontakt now has a purge option to free up memory so you can load even more.

    I have Giga 3 but I find I use Kontakt more and more because of the ease of use as a plugin. Everything is saved with my piece in Sonar.

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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    I think the troubles may stem from the Earthlink and the Norton... I have a computer dedicated to music, not connected to the web and it works very well, not one problem... The one connected to the web is a lot slower and always apt to have some problem...

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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rickenbacker 4001
    but Giga 3 and my ATI 8500DV
    Unless I'm greatly mistaken, you have an All-In-Wonder Radeon.

    These were notorius for causing problems with other hardware as well as software in the past, owing to buggy bloated drivers and multiple resources used.

    It might be an interesting idea to swap it with a plain-jane AGP card for several days and see if the Radeon was causing your problems.
    The monitor which won't turn on, and the black lefthand side all point to the fact that Giga3 and your AIW don't get on.

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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    Quote Originally Posted by meroveus
    The monitor which won't turn on, and the black lefthand side all point to the fact that Giga3 and your AIW don't get on.
    This gets more and more interesting ....
    Which card are you using?

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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    My GS3 machine is my everything else machine, and Norton is alway running.

    The only problem is when I push it with +70% of memory full and more than 3 instances of g-pulse at the same time. That just affects my polyphony.....
    Nothing like monitors not turning on. I second the "get a cheap P4" sentiment.
    Then again, theres no earthlink or any other crazy stuff like that. There's a lot to be said for keeping it simple, I think.


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    Re: Giving up the ghost...

    To GTBannah... I'm using an M-Audio Audiophile 2496. To everyone else : I was just informed yesterday that if you have multiple available hard-drives; one can put Windows' not only on the primary, but a second installation will function on a slave drive as well. This was news to me. So here I go again. I've loaded all the music stuff : Giga 3, Sonar 4, Sound Forge 8, CD Architect, Waves, Antares, etc... on the primary Windows, and on the slave Windows I'm doing the ATI 8500DV DVD player, Earthlink, Norton, Photoshop, Frontpage, RealPlayer, Word, Works, Java... the whole sha'bang. Let me be the guinea pig for all users. I hear some of you thinking... fine action-jackson, waste-yer-time'... you self-destructive bafoon.

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