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Topic: K2 and InstrumentBank and EWQLSO

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    K2 and InstrumentBank and EWQLSO

    Hello everybody,

    I´ve problems to create an instrument bank under K2 with instruments of the EWQLSO.

    1. K2 doesn´t accept the EWQLSO directory as its library path
    2. I cannot drag an EWQLSO instrument (from the browser left) into an empty place of the instrument bank

    Is it impossible or am I wrong?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: K2 and InstrumentBank and EWQLSO

    works fine for me....the only annoyance is that i can't save the individual samples from ewqlso, but that will never be fixed/allowed apparently.

    but yeah i have plenty of ewqlso instruments in my template, alot of which are in instrument banks....just drag over the nki files like usual....if you've just installed EW, i think you have to open the kompakt player once before the instruments are available in kontakt, but i'm not sure though....the EWQLSO library is the only library that i've ever had the dynamic crossfades work....i tried to copy the settings to other instruments with no luck, i wish there was a guide for setting up crossfades in K2.

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    Re: K2 and InstrumentBank and EWQLSO

    hi leafy,

    many thanks for your answer. i´m still investigating!


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