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Topic: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

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    Question High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    Hello all:

    Anybody out there using the Vintaudio C7 Yamaha, hear a very high pitch noise when using this piano library. It doesn't happen all the time but does happen often enough. I've used sony noise reduction software to try to eliminate it, it help a little, but I could still hear this noise. It surrounds middle C through G notes. In fact I can even hear this is some of the demos. It's not a hiss noise but a very high frequency noise. Anybody else experiencing this or am I just loosing my mind. It sounds like a extremely high frequency noise, kind of like the sound you hear when you turn the TV on. I really cannot do serious recording until I eliminate this. And I 've tried all the other Giga performance files as well, and they also seem to have the noise. (By the way, I use GS3 orchestra, if you care to know)

    I absolutely do not mean anything negative about this library, as I truly love this library. In fact I can say that this is the best sounding C7 library out there, no questions asked. I'am just looking for some feedback and help in fixing this little problem, that's all

    Thank in advance for any help I can get

    Where is Franky when I need him.


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    Re: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    Matter of fact I've heard the same thing, just yesterday, in Kontakt version. Exactly as you describe. I ignored it as just a pesky thing, but this may be more serious. I think the piano sounds really great! I've also had errors trying to load the ambient patches, so can't load. Just emailed Vintaudio about it. I haven't come across any updates for this either.


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    Re: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    Hello ddarwin7 ,

    I think it's probably recorded in the samples themselves because of a mic that had that specific "bug" = Constant high frequency at at a range of approx 15.000 to 17.000hz i suppose . It happens very often and it's really annoying but can be fixed with -very- fine eq on each sample .

    A very good way of fixing these problems ( Assuming this is the problem ) , is to load each sample into Adobe Audition , set the view to Spectral and you will immediately see the problem as an orange/pink horizontal line at the high frequency region .

    - Then zoom in very close, select the Marque Selection Tool ( M ) and then select the exact frequency that is running constantly ( Try to make it as fine as possible and delete it. The problem will be gone with no implications on the sound at all .

    There are other Spectral analyzers that will show these problems as well, but i have none to recommend . One i was using expired and i can't remember the name.
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    Re: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    Hey, sounds like good advice for the Vintaudio guys as an update! Thanks for that!

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    Re: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    which piano is it? the player Grand or the Close Mic , or is it the Ambiant Piano? Because I have the Yama C7 Grand dvd's from Vintaudio, I haven't ran into this though.
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    Exclamation Re: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    Ok I am in a way relieved, because I thought I was loosing my mind. But it's good to know that others are experiencing this same problem. This is such a great sounding piano and I was going to use this quite a bit on my next project, but this annoyance is holding me back. Like somebody mentioned, there are no updates on the vintaudio website. This is a problem that definitely needs to be fixed for the library to be useful and complete.

    I do not have Adobe Audition, is this a shareware. Can I fix the samples using soundforge7, as this is the only audio editor that I have. The only spectral analyzer I have is also the one with soundforge, and I also have Ozone 3 (But I don't think this would help). But I will look into this further Thanks

    I believe its inherent on all the samples. I know for a fact that its present in all the Ambient samples, but not 100% sure about the player perspective or close mic. I will check this later and post the information

    Thanks for the info


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    Re: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    is this problem occuring in Kontakt2 as well as Giga Sampler?
    because I have done 4 piano pieces with the Yama C7 and have had great results with Grand Player Piano, Close Mic, and Ambiant.
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    Lightbulb Re: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    This isn't a bug or a mic problem, these are the natural overtones of the piano itself, it is inherent in the samples because it's in the piano itself.

    I've said many times before that this is the C7 we found to have the least overtones out of 20 or so we auditionned, you can always use the modwheel filter presets to shave off some of the top end if the samples annoy you, these samples are purposely as recorded without any processing or EQ, so you can easily just put a EQ and shave off those frequencies if needed.


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    Cool Re: High frequency noise with Vintaudio C7 Piano

    Hi Franky;

    Nice to hear from you. I don't see you around as much as I used to in this forum. You must be busy with you gigs and stuff.

    But anyway, here's the thing. This high frequency pitch that I am talking about is only in the Ambient version, and not present in the close mic or Playerperspective versions. It only surrounds a few notes around the middle C area (My be about a dozen or so keys). It doesn't happen all the time either, but happens randomly but on the average of 1 out of may be like 3 or 4 key hits. Some keys more often and some very rarely. But nevertheless this high pitch sound is quite audible, even through a mix. This sound is at a constant volume as long as you hold the key down, it doesn't fade out at the same rate as the sound of the note, but it does eventually stop if you hold the key down long enough. Franky, I am not questioning your expertise, but you say that these are the natural overtones of the piano itself, but don't overtones fade out at the same rate as the piano sound. Maybe we are talking about differet sounds.

    Now to resolve this issue (I do not want to term it a problem anymore as this can imply negativity toward this library) As I've mentioned earlier, I really love this piano, and extremely grateful to Franky for making this library, and if you've read any of my postings regarding this piano in the past, I have nothing but praise for this library and a lot of respect for Franky. I just wanted to make this very clear.

    Now again to resolve this issue, Franky, you say that I can use the modwheel filter presets to take some top end off. Can you expand on this a little. I use GS3 and I have not messed around with editing samples or the art files, so my knowledge here is a little limited. Are you talking about doing this only for the notes that have high freqency or for the whole piano. Is there a way to only use the filter to eliminate the high pitch only for those notes and not for all the keys, as some of these overtones impart character to the sound. As an experiment I used a hiss removal filter in soundforge and minimized this effect, but then again at the cost of loosing some good overtones.

    Any further help would be appreciated

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