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Topic: How can I use multiple MIDI out ports in Sonar/GS3

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    How can I use multiple MIDI out ports in Sonar/GS3

    I can't get tell Sonar 4 how to output a track to a specific port that will trigger those G3Ports# ports in GS3. I've tried to click on the output dropdown for each track and I've got "SB Audigy 2 ZS MIDI IO [DF00]" showing up as the only option.

    I have GS3 Orch on a dedicated WinXP machine with the Audiophile 2496. It's hooked up via MIDI in/out to my sequencer on another WinXP machine using Sonar Producer 4 and a SB Audigy 2 ZS. For the audio, I'm using the SPDIF out straight from the Audiophile to the front plate of the Audigy and it works great.

    I want to be able to use up to the "as advertised" 128 true independant MIDI channels simultaenously which would allow me to organize sections of the orchestra by port and have different articulations of the same instrument loaded as different tracks (I prefer not to keymap). Am I crazy or can this be done?

    I've seen a lot of threads about this, but nothing I tried worked. I don't know if I'm limited by my HW or not. Maybe the SB can only output 1 MIDI port? Do I need something else to get this to work?



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    Re: How can I use multiple MIDI out ports in Sonar/GS3

    Your audio cards only support one MIDI port in and one out. The best solution is MIDIoverLAB from http://www.musiclab.com The only hardware you will need is a network cable between the machines.


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