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Topic: atmosphere & ram

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    atmosphere & ram

    hi, i have a notebook where i have installed atmosphere but it has some clicks due to overload of the processor (690 Mhz).

    i want to know: if i increase the ram memory (256 -> 512), will the performance level increase???

    thanx in advance

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    Re: atmosphere & ram

    That should help a lot....more is even better.


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    Re: atmosphere & ram

    My question is this:

    I've been told that Pro Tools 6.7 can "only" access up to 2.5 GB of RAM w/in OSX 10.3.7. When Atmosphere loads samples into RAM, does it use it within the 2.5 GB of RAM PT is using, or does it load it outside this parameter?

    IOW, I have 2.5 GB of RAM in my G5. Will increasing the RAM past 2.5GB allow me to run Atmosphere, Stylus more efficiently?


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    Re: atmosphere & ram

    anyone know the answer to the above question?
    thanks again...

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