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Topic: Repair install of K2, fixed "clicking" noise

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    Repair install of K2, fixed "clicking" noise

    I meant to post this about a week ago, but I've been to busy enjoying K2.

    My initial install of K2 (update version) went really well! No problems or errors. I played thru just about all the instruments using both the standalone and as a vsti. Very cool, except that the instruments with CONVOLUTION like the Steinway D, NDB organs etc., exhibited an immediate "clicking" noise when pressing just one key. Believe me, I treied everything to fix this. Once I deleted the instance of convolution they seemed to play ok.

    My soundcard is an M-Audio FW-410. It's never really given me any problems before, and I don't recall ever having to reinstall an audio application before because of it, BUT since NI seems to have acknowledged that K2 may have an issue with certain sound cards....I decided to reinstall K2.

    With my FW-410 energized, Add/Remove progs / I selected the "Repair" option. Afterwards it was necessary to also reinstall the 2.01 update. I was pleased to see that K2 remembered all my settings, pref's, location of Library etc., and no re-registration/activation was necessary. Thge whole process took less than a minute.
    A dialog popped up about the CD drive installation path, but I just clicked "Cancel". Maybe that is because I used an external FW DVD drive for installing, and it was off during the repair reinstall, I don't know.

    Anyhow, since then, ALL instruments play perfectly! FIXED!

    I just thought I'd mention this just in case it might happen to someone else. I can't remember if I had my FW4-10 energized during the FIRST insatll, so maybe that was it.

    K2 is awesome!

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    Re: Repair install of K2, fixed "clicking" noise

    Ya know, i had that same problem, but i really think it had something to do with the update.... could just be my computer being wierd OR the fact that i have an SB Live! 5.1 sound crad! XD

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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