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Topic: Gigaclean?

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    I have someone on AIM who is trying to remove giga studio 2.0 out of his registry so he is asking about gigaclean - is this something that is available as shareware or something?

    I've never heard of it before.

    I told him I'd post here because his email account lost the NSS verification email. He had Giga Sampler 96 and Giga Studio 2.0 on his machine.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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    Re: Gigaclean?

    I believe it is in a folder on the GS3 installation CD. It might be called 'tools' or 'utilities' (the folder that is).

    It's strange that they don't just build this utility into the uninstallation process, that you would have to actually run this from the CD later to do a clean uninstall.


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    Re: Gigaclean?


    If the person in question doesn't have GS 3.0 i.e. gigaclean, he can try Tascam's manual procedure
    Craig Duke

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