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Topic: First stuff with GPO...

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    First stuff with GPO...

    Hey all!

    I've had GPO for a while now but haven't really had the chance to give it a try until recently.

    Here is some stuff I did for an amateur animated short "Sword and Sorcery" parody. It's poorly mixed and my programming skills are crap but I had a LOT of fun using GPO...

    End Credits

    Wind of the West

    Love theme

    Ride to the Castle

    Lanco vs. Lone

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    Re: First stuff with GPO...


    Really good struff here. It shows what GPO can do.

    They sound very well mixed to me and are very descriptive of their titles.

    Really like these - good balances.


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    Re: First stuff with GPO...

    Very Good!!,

    Specialy like the "Credits" theme.

    "God is Love"

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    Thumbs up Re: First stuff with GPO...

    Hello composer24,
    and welcome a board.
    You have done a beautiful job with these pieces.
    Your orchestration is really good, as well as the melody.
    You make a superb use of the brass section!!!
    congratulations, and
    keep in writing...
    Thank you to share these songs with us.
    Best of luck,

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    Re: First stuff with GPO...


    What a nice treat. I listened to all five pieces and enjoyed them all.
    Excellent composition, arranging and orchestrating. I really liked the wind machine in Wind of the West. And the harp and flute in Love Theme is beautiful. Others were very adventuresome and energetic. Seems like you had a lot of fun doing these.

    Would you mind if these find their way to the GPO Demo page?

    Thanks for sharing these.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: First stuff with GPO...



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    Re: First stuff with GPO...

    Wow... Thanks for the kind words guys!

    Mr. Garritan, no I wouldn't (mind) What an honor!

    And thank you for GPO!! It's such a brilliant library, easy to use yet so complex as well. Unlimited potential. I didn't even scratch the surface with my stuff. I was lazy and didn't take full advantage of the ensemble building instruments. GPO is capable of so much more...


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    Smile Re: First stuff with GPO...

    Quote Originally Posted by composer24
    Wow... Thanks for the kind words guys!
    Only what you deserve, Ryan!!!

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    Re: First stuff with GPO...

    I have seriously underestimated GPO, I'm not too excited about the trumpets, but the rest sound just as good as the more expensive libraries, imo.
    I've only listened to 'End Credits' so far, but I really like what I'm hearing, so I'll just sit back and enjoy the rest.

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    Thumbs up Re: First stuff with GPO...

    Another excellent sample of the nice GPO renditions possible:

    if you are able to write music (and you are...) GPO will sound good!

    Mixing skills can only improve the final result, but basics are immediate!

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