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Topic: OT: A new theme, requesting critique.

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    OT: A new theme, requesting critique.

    Here is a battle theme from the upcoming game "Morning's Wrath" which is due to be released within a few months. Feedback is always welcome.

    Epic Theme

    Thanks in advance,
    Adam Frechette
    Alternate Future Productions, LLC. CEO
    Composition | Web Design
    - www.morningswrath.com
    - www.etherealdarkness.com
    - www.audiostreet.net/adamfrechette

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    Thumbs up Re: OT: A new theme, requesting critique.

    Hi Adam,
    the piece is well done, but what kind of libraries did you use?
    And what about the choir?
    Altogether the different section of the orchestra are well mixed.
    Just a little bit of 'verb more, I think this could make the piece "more EPIC".
    However congratulations for the work,
    beautiful composition!!
    Best of luck,

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