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Topic: Small 7' minute animation Budget :

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    Small 7' minute animation Budget :

    Hello everybody ,

    I had agreed with an animator to work on the music for her short film for free ( there was no budget back then ) . But now afterall she will manage to get one and she offered me a cut from it .

    I have no idea what to ask ! I suspect it's a small budget so i don't want to say anything stupid and freak her out . The music is gonna be 7' minutes of orchestral/cartoon work and i'll propably be doing 80% of the sound effects as well .

    What do you guys think ? Any help very much appreciated !

    PS: Do you need to know the budget ? I will ask if it's nescesary but was hoping to get a percentage value maybe.
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    Re: Small 7' minute animation Budget :

    I would have very direct talks about the budget, so yes, you have a right to know. If you are asked to provide music for a "bargain" price, then you owe it to yourself to know what percentage of the total take you are being offered for a part of the work which is significant.

    I would try to get at least 20% of the budget if you feel this is a charity gig anyway. That seems about right to me, but that's only my viewpoint of course. It never pays to sell yourself short--better to be very nice but direct about these things.

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    Hello Bruce ,

    I have been waiting for this reply all day and you helped me a lot !

    You are right about beeing direct yet polite.

    So around 20% ? I think that's a litlle bit high since the animation is mostly made by one person ( voice overs with hired studio etc ), but it won't harm to ask as you said . I'll see what happens and get back to you on this to tell you how it went .

    Thank you very much man !

    Best ~!

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    Re: Small 7' minute animation Budget :

    I probably don't qualify here since I am a gigging (live) musician.

    If I was asked to do a cheapy gig I would still be sure to tell the client what my normal price would be so they would understand what I am giving them. If I agreed to do it for free and they found some money I would remind them of the real price but let them decide - whatever they give me would be more than what I agreed to. If *I* had to come up with a number I would give them one that covered expenses and loses (gasoline for me) and ask them to give me something between that and my full price.

    If there really is no money there is no real economic win situation. Nevertheless another way to personally "win" is to charge the price of a cookie. Perhaps the sample library you've really wanted to get but couldn't justify. I presume that if you agreed to do it for free you have other jobs which will pay your mortgage.


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