I still haven't solved the dilemma of the RMX use with Automation.
Id like to know if there are anyone RMX user having Logic 5.5./PC and
tried this and his/her experience (or any bright mind who can say how to fix it).

In spite of setting up a multi-MIDI instrument in Logic for 8-part Stylus RMX as instructed, the Logic Automation commands in the Arrange mode
given for different parts/tracks seem to sum-up in the RMX.

That means if I have e.g. 4 parts and set the Automation in the Arrange
window down in the track/part 1 , the volume in all 4 parts go down.
And if I increase the autom. volume in the track/part 2, the volume
goes up same amount in every 4 parts.

Also, the different parts seem not function independently in this sense. I have tried using RMX bot in the multitimbral and stereo modes, the same result. This happens also with all the RMX file types,

In any other way the RMX seems to work perfectly with Logic 5.5.1.

Many of the RMX parameters shown in the Logic Automation list are
just MIDI control numbers without text. Is that how its supposed to be?:
and if not, could someone in Spectrasonics give the MIDI parameter code key.