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Topic: What about a software version of the GEM ProMega 3

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    What about a software version of the GEM ProMega 3

    We are all using virtual instruments here, and I think there is a market for a software (DXi, VSTi...) version of the GEM ProMega 3.

    Anyone else agree?

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    Re: What about a software version of the GEM ProMega 3

    The problem is that your margins when selling a software instrument are much lower.
    on a 3000 euro instrument the margin are certainly much higher than when selling a 200-400 euro virtual instrument. (distributors and shops get a cut of the price too).
    Ok you can sell more copies, but you have the piracy problem which does not exist in the hardware world. And I don't know if from a business point of view it's a good idea to give away the synth engines contained in top of the line hardware products as a cheap software instrument.

    Keyboard makers are having tough times due to de overall bad economy, not much new interesting products, competition from virtual instruments and softsamplers.
    A poor russian guy could code a sophisticated virtual instrument and sell it for a low price which means with virtual instruments the entry barrier to produce one is much much lower than producing a hardware instrument.
    I know how damn hard it is to make all those electronics parts.
    Ok writing software is hard too, but it only takes a few good brains and a some investment of time. No factories, prototype boards (where due to small errors its easy to throw away several 10.000 euros and weeks of work).

    So I'd say the internet is "globalizing" the audio world too. Profit margins are getting smaller and product quality is improving due to the heavy competition in the virtual instrument market.

    I think for companies it's not easy to survive in the audio market in general but as long as people will make and listen to music there will be always audio products around. Darwin's theory of evolution ...


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