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Topic: what's going on here?

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    what's going on here?

    My girlfriend just ordered what she believes is a woodwind library from garritan, as a gift for my birthday. It will be here in about a week. I wasn't at the store when the salesman gave his pitch, and she's not exactly savvy with this stuff, so I have a couple of questions about it that garritan.com has failed to answer:

    What is it??? I can't find a woodwind collection by garritan anywhere on the site. Is it a seperately available chunk of GPO??

    Is it really giga 3 compatible, as the salesguy told her? Nobody in my corner of the world is using sampling (midi, even) at the level possible with current soft-samplers, so even the music store "specialists" tend to talk through theire a-holes about the stuff. They don't have any demand for the stuff, so they don't really know just what these products are or what they do.

    I have no dout that whatever this product is, it is of great quality. The name of garritan carries an undeniable degree of esteem. But I am worried that my poor girlfriend got duped by a know-nothing into ordering a library that may not be that useful to me.

    Is there a "Garritan Woodwinds" library? Is it giga-compatible? If so, where can I find out what it contains? I'm both exited about this and worried.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: what's going on here?

    Duped .

    It is the whole GPO but it comes w/ its own Kontakt Player .

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    Re: what's going on here?


    A seperate Garritan Woodwinds? That's news to me. There is no Garritan Woodwind library neither for Giga 3 or any other platform.

    Perhaps salesman had a misunderstanding or is sending another library.

    I suggest you contact the salesman to clarify what was actually ordered. Probably just a mistake.

    Gary Garritan

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    Thumbs up Re: what's going on here?

    A wise decision your wife had made. This gift not some Fisher Price toy! Install the dang thang and experience the joy.

    God, I am tired....it is by far a great gift you receive, enjoy!

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