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Topic: kicking off the Star Wars month

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    kicking off the Star Wars month

    Okay, I didn't know if I should post this or not, reasons: It was done "fairly" fast, in that I skipped any EQ'ing and modulation, so it doesn't exactly do justice to the samplelibraries used. The transitions between themes are... subpar, and some of the choices I've made almost makes you laugh in horror. Also, I (still) only have this crappy free angelfire account with very limited bandwith, and with the file being about 15.2mb, it'll probably be gobbled up pretty fast.

    That being said, for those that actually get to download it; I hope it'll help putting you in a star wars mood, instead of ruining it

    (rightclick save as...)

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    Re: kicking off the Star Wars month

    Awesome! I listened to it several times while playing bridge online this afternoon.
    Andy Finkenstadt, WinXP, P4-2.8GHZ, 3GB, Sonar 4 PE, Sibelius 3. Yamaha CVP-79A.
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    Re: kicking off the Star Wars month

    Thanks for listening I hope I didn't scare any potential listeners away with all the selfcritique?

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    Re: kicking off the Star Wars month

    Thnx...will listen later.

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    Re: kicking off the Star Wars month

    Wow! That was quite a medley. Nice length. Seems like it must of taken a while
    Nice work though. Sounds very good for 'fairly fast'.

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