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Topic: PBS

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    How does this happen? Who hired this dork?

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    Re: PBS

    Aside from the fact that PBS receives government funding (which usually carries with it regulations barring bias and descrimination), this is the fairness doctrine come back to bite you.

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    Re: PBS

    It's a biased idiot biting us all, Brady. And it's lowering the standards of PBS.

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    Re: PBS

    Let's say a whacko says that the world will be destroyed tomorrow by poisonous beetle gas. His fifteen member church believes him. The whacko is good at media stunts, and gains national media attention.

    Does the media now need to interview one believer for every non-believer? Is that fair, or does that imply that we have a 50/50 chance of being gassed to death by incontinent beetles?

    I'd prefer more open analysis on the news. But you don't get soundbites and color from analysis, do you? And a deep analysis doesn't fit between commercials.

    Instead, boneheads like this guy think of political news as a sporting event, and they want to ensure that they aren't outnumbered on the field - even when their claims are unfounded and are based on minority opinion.


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    Re: PBS

    Brady's right about the Fairness Doctrine. Without it, the country is filled with slanted reporting and news stations with little or no opposing viewpoint. The Fairness Doctrine brought balance.

    And now a Republican is whining that the doctrine his President decided to pretty much do away with has, as Brady puts it, come back to bite him in the ~~~. Mistakes tend to do that.
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