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Topic: RMX in multi in Logic...

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    RMX in multi in Logic...

    When using RMX in multi mode in Logic7, while assigning outputs ABCDEFGH from the RMX is straightforward enough, assigning volume automation for each midi channel seems impossible in Logic.

    With Kontakt 2, there is a workaround via the Midi cc's, but as I'm unaware of ways to assign ...say...midicc 11 to "Volume" in RMX, I was wondering whether some of you - or Eric P - might suggest something?


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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    I don't understand your question, unless by "impossible" you mean to say "easy" :-). Simply use track automation to control the volume for each of the eight parts in RMX. Note that this is unrelated to the multiple outputs (A-H) feature of RMX.

    If instead of track automation you'd rather use MIDI, just use the midi learn feature to assign any MIDI CC to any control in RMX, including the eight part level faders. See the Midi learn tutorial video for an example of how to do this.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    Hey Glenn,

    No I haven't gone nuts

    I'll use the secong half of your advice message to use cc's...not that I prefer it to automation, but Logic's multi channels' volume automation actually don't work like other daws.

    I've just spent 10 days ont the phone with Logic and NI support as well as on email with apple to confirm that they don't work independently from the mail audio instrument track (!).

    Yes, amazing indeed, but there's some kind of appropriation by the main track behind the assigned multis that prevents it being straighforward on controls 7 and 10...hence the need for cc detour for these ~~~tions in multi mode.

    I'll have to learn the midi learn feature, i guess...

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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    Eric is a die-hard Logic user, so trust me, RMX wouldn't have gotten past day one if track automation didn't work in Logic :-).

    Reading between your lines, I suspect you're talking about something different than automation. You're probably referring to the fact that MIDI CC 7 and 10 are hard-coded in Logic to control channel volume and pan. That's a problem in plugins which also have hard-coded MIDI CC assignments. Stylus RMX doesn't use hard-coded MIDI CC assignments, instead it uses MIDI Learn, so it's a non-issue for RMX.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    Although you put the problem much better than I did, which confirms that you know exactly what referring to, it is a problem for Logic to resolve...

    At least, today, when trying to automate volume (therefore cc7) in multi separately for one of the midi midi channels (without any midi learn preparation beforehand), I ended up with all the volume from the entire instance of RMX (8 separate channels in this song) fading up and down.

    Should I understand that acting via the midi learn feature would take precedent over the current setttings of volume and pan?

    I'm not quite sure if that's what I should expect...but lookin forward to your next post
    Very frustrating from Logic, I have to say.


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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    Sorry, you lost me, I've never seen anything like that happen in Logic. But, it sounds like this is a problem you're having controlling Logic channel levels, and is unrelated to plugins. If so, you might have better luck getting help at logic-users on yahoo or sonikmatter.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    Yes, you're definitely right.

    Your mention of Eric's fondness for Logic gives me some hope however...I'll try and post this problem for him to respond.

    Thanks all the same.


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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    You cannot use cc7 or cc10 in Logic to control any instrument plug-ins.

    Those are used by Logic for controlling the Environment mixer.

    There's no way that I'm aware of to override this in Logic.

    The solution is to simply use other MIDI controllers than 7 or 10.


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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    That's not Eric Persing himself is it? If so...it's an honor!!

    I hope this can help solve the automation issue;

    I run Logic Pro 6 with RMX on OSX 10.3.9.

    I've just recently learned how to create tracks for each individual midi channel within RMX. Through those individual tracks you can automate anything you need to per midi channel.

    In the Audio Environment window I create a multi-instrument and connect it to the audio instrument track(by draggin the cable of the multi instrument at the top right of the icon) that has been assigned to the RMX(eg. named RMXa). I select the channels 1 through 8(out of 16) so that the cross is no longer through it. Then I go the the arrange window and click on an Audio Instrument track so the type of track list comes up. Under Audio the name of the RMX track should come up(Audio>RMXa>1-8) and select 1(default Grand Piano). After that you can select that file and make the track RMXa 1. Then "create with next instrument" (hot key control/shift/return) seven times to bring up the remaining instrument tracks. Each track will have it's own automation settings.

    I hope this helps!


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    Re: RMX in multi in Logic...

    Sorry...the HotKeys may not be the same if you're not on a MAC. I'm not sure...

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