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Topic: RMX/Logic question for Eric!

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    RMX/Logic question for Eric!

    Hi Eric, I'd be relly grateful if you would take a look at the post titled: "RMX in multi in Logic..." from Bluedog and post your thoughts -or SOLUTIONS - here.

    It's about the strangely uncompromising multi-mode volume automation in Logic!...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: RMX/Logic question for Eric!

    Listen to GlennO.....he is the Yoda of RMX....he speaks the truth.



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    Re: RMX/Logic question for Eric!

    Thanks !

    Makes me the Luke Skywalker of RMX!

    It's official!

    I'll fight my way to the Midilearn planet, make a couple of CControllers my allies and that's it!

    I did take Yoda's advice and posted for you on the off chance that there might be a Logic specific trick you migh have in your space suit, but all's well.

    THanks again.
    B-aka "LS"

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