Here's some advice for anyone getting started with RMX:

When first getting up to speed with RMX, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to spend some time with the video tutorials. Working with RMX is efficient and intuitive, but it is also deep and rewarding. The best way to master the basics is to watch the tutorials. They are fun and informative and will quickly show you how to get around RMX.

If, after watching the the tutorials, you need some help understanding some aspect of RMX, feel free to post here. Eric and I try to drop by from time to time and will answer questions which we feel are of general interest. Questions that are specific to your situation should be addressed to tech support at If you do have a question, be sure to provide details and use the same terminology that the video tutorials use. Inventing your own terminology may be fun, and leaving out important details may save time when posting your question, but we can only answer questions that we understand :-).

- Glenn