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Topic: Beyond the city walls

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    Beyond the city walls

    Zounds, i've finally finished one of the many hundereds of compositions I've started since recieveing GPO! It's a soundtrack affair for the purpose of being added to my demo reel and also as something for a conceptual game type thing I'm in the process of, erm, concieving.

    Beyond the city walls Edit: Updated, see below.

    I'm not yet happy with the mix, the eq and reverb still needs balancing, controller data needs tweaking and I'll perhaps layer up some more string and brass player patches to build that wall of sound a little thicker. Still, here it is for your critique and (hopefully) listening pleasure.

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    Re: Beyond the city walls

    It's difficult for me generally to assess "working music" like this out of context, but there are definitely some fine, interesting moments in this, just plain musically.

    I can also see where this one could be the devil's own to get the sublter points across with a fullness that doesn't destroy their delicacy, navidson... I've sweated blood for hours over passages like that, myself.

    I will be most interested to hear further developments on this!


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    Re: Beyond the city walls

    I really like the ideas presented! The melodies are catchy and blend well with the harmonies . . . very cinematic! Excellent work, I look forward to the final mix. The orchestration sounds very well done!
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    Thumbs up Re: Beyond the city walls

    Some nice themes here, good work.

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    Re: Beyond the city walls


    Hundreds of compositions! You have been prolific.

    I enjoyed your "working version". The themes are well presented. You certainly have a gift for composition and orchestration. Nice bass drum ending. Excellent work overall.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Beyond the city walls

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone, it really means a lot! Perhaps the 'hundereds of compositions' bit was a slight exaggeration, but I'm one of those tortured souls who starts more pieces than ever gets finished

    I'm a little closer to finalising a mix I'm happy with... hopefully I'll be able to drag myself away from gaming long enough to finish it sooner rather than later!

    Edit: Oh yes, the GPO bass drum is reinforced by G-Town's bass drum too incase anyone was wondering.

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    Re: Beyond the city walls

    I really like this piece, its quite hard to give a full assesment with it being a work in progress but theres some great themes.

    Keep up the good work


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    Re: Beyond the city walls

    I've done a tenative 'final mix' in that unless there's any clipping I can't hear on these terrible cheap speakers then I'm probably not going to do any more to it I've spent way too long trying to balance the various ambiences, but I think it's payed off and the mix isn't too muddy.

    Thanks for your feedback everyone, it gives me the motivation to write more!

    Beyond the city walls

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    Re: Beyond the city walls

    Well, now! Talk about hard work paying off!

    That, my friend, is a fine-sounding piece...

    Production issues aside, solid thematic work, here, too; and - cool ending, like that!


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