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Topic: Another newbie question

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    Another newbie question

    Not sure how many groans this will produce but I will try anyway.
    I've just purchased a new Roland Hp107 digi piano. All I am interested in is connecting to my PC via either midi cables or USB (the piano has both) and playing other piano samples.
    I don't want to mix or record or anything else.
    Is there a way to do this without having to buy really expensive sampler software (like gigastudio)? (I realise I may need to buy an expensive piano sample).
    Any help very greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Another newbie question


    You could buy a piano sample set that has an included Kontakt player - then you wouldn't need to buy "an expensive sampler".

    I know of one very good one soon to be released, but I'm under NDA. All I can say there is wait. There are a few out now if you need one asap however. The player will allow you to route your new midi controller to it and play using the piano sample set.

    Hope that helps.
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