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Topic: Film Music Network

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    Film Music Network

    Any opinions about this:


    I am on their mailing list but not a member...is it another Taxi..???


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    Re: Film Music Network

    I was a member of both, and now a member of neither. Since I dropped those memberships and moved to LA, met a few people, and done some good quality free work - I'm busy with paying gigs. Taxi is a music req listing service. Many film reqs that come in are for band songs that folks are looking for as "vibe-alikes" to popular tunes. There are some "I'm looking for an orchestral composer" kind of listings, but those are few and far between. FMN seems to have started as a way to get new composers to understand the film business, but seems to have stumbled a bit. I ordered "Welcome to LA" - a kit that included things like how to register your studio/company/services as a business in LA county, etc. - and it took them until I had been here more than a year and had already moved once by the time they got it to me. They may have tightened things up considerably since I left, but it's been off my radar for about a year now.
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    Re: Film Music Network

    Film music network has great seminars. That's what they seem to be good at. I was a member but found that to be a waste. You can just pay for the seminars individually.


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