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Topic: A short GPO demo

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    A short GPO demo

    Hi all

    This is my humble contribution to the GPO demos. Just a demo so far, should I continue what do you think?




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    Re: A short GPO demo

    hei, your music took me by surprise...

    very nice song, sounds lighthearted, but there are a lot of good ideas in it.

    yes, please, go on with composing.

    i'm waiting to hear more

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    Thumbs up Re: A short GPO demo

    Quote Originally Posted by J.Lehtonen
    This is my humble contribution to the GPO demos. Just a demo so far, should I continue what do you think?
    Hello there Jouni,
    Welcome to this forum.
    what an incredible piece you have made!!!
    It is really surprisingly!!!!
    Sure you have to go on!!!!!
    Also there is a very good orchestration in this song.
    Very very congratulations.
    nothing to say, good, good piece.


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    Re: A short GPO demo

    Jouni -- this is fine work! Good, clean, transparent writing.

    I hope you will think through this further, and develop the piece. Thematically, there is much potential, here.


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    Smile Re: A short GPO demo

    Thank you all for such a positive response, it really encourages to continue! I do have a longer composition in mind and there are quite a few motives waiting to be developed.

    And I can't thank enough mr Garritan for this excellent product!

    To be continued..!


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    Re: A short GPO demo

    Very nice!
    I can't comment on the orchestration 'cause I'm listening on really bad speakers, but it does seem 'transparent,' even though I don't know what that even means!
    Please continue! You really have something good going here!


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    Re: A short GPO demo

    Really nice....I particular like they way it begins to develop in the middle. Its got a sort of slightly eerie carnival feel about, joyous but a little unsettling.

    You should definitely develop it some more IMHO.


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    Re: A short GPO demo

    Hi Jouni,

    Sounds like you are really having fun playing with your new GPO toys. You have a nice sense of orchestration. The piece, so far, is well balanced and developing well. By all means continue. Isn't it a real kick to hear how these instruments blend together much like the real ones?

    Congratulations on your first attempt, and by all means post more.


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    Re: A short GPO demo

    good work!

    a well balanced execution and musically this one took me on a journey...

    thanks for posting!

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    Re: A short GPO demo

    Very nice orchestration, and, as others have said, many nice ideas! I like the rhythm and the use of percussion! This is exceedingly complimentary as I was just listening to John Williams music If anything, it's simply too short.
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