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Topic: Atmosphere/Trilogy/RMX RAM question

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    Atmosphere/Trilogy/RMX RAM question

    I've been told that Pro Tools 6.7 can "only" access up to 2.5 GB of RAM w/in OSX 10.3.7. When the suite of Spectrasonics plugs loads samples into RAM, does it use it within the 2.5 GB of RAM PT is using, or does it load it outside this parameter?

    IOW, I have 2.5 GB of RAM in my G5. Will increasing the RAM past 2.5GB allow me to run Atmosphere, Stylus RMX, et al more efficiently?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Atmosphere/Trilogy/RMX RAM question

    Your plugins share the same pool of memory as the host application, so the process limit of approximately 3Gb for the Mac (on Windows it is quite a bit smaller) applies to the host and all your plugins in that host. However, other processes that you are running simultaneously (on OSX there are always other processes) may consume RAM, so it can often help to have more than 3Gb of RAM.

    - Glenn

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