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Topic: Gold usage on an acoustic pop/rock album

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    Gold usage on an acoustic pop/rock album

    I am currently producing an album for an artist who has a real Lisa Loeb 'female alternative vocal' feel to it. It's a very organic/acoustic album, and i was worried that my recently purchased EWQL Gold library would be too 'washed out concert hall' to pull strings from in such a tonally intimate setting, BUT... To my pleasant surprise, they're working!

    The track i'm currently working on features piano, acoustic guitar and string quartet (with solo cello lines thought the song), and after winding back the natural hall verb on the samples, they fit nicely in there new environment. I'm intending on using a little EQ and automation to disguise some of the remaining 'concert hall' nuances.

    To anyone wanting to buy a well priced string library flexible enough for a pop/rock platform- gold is performing better than i expected. i'm enjoying unexpected diversity with my new library!

    Many other NS'ers using Gold in rock/pop?

    I'll post an excerpt when i've mixed it so you can come to your own conclusions...
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    Re: Gold usage on an acoustic pop/rock album


    I look forward to hearing your clip. Thanks!

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    Re: Gold usage on an acoustic pop/rock album

    I have a lot more success using VSL's chamber strings for pop/rock work.

    I've really never been able to get Gold to feel right in the tracks I do, but I'm glad to hear it's working for you.

    That's the thing with sample libraries... one time they'll work amazingly well in a track that you would least expect, and another they'll fail miserably when you are sure they'll be perfect!

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