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Topic: Battery 2 problem

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    Battery 2 problem


    I am aware that this forum is Kontakt related, but am hoping that NI will respond to this post and maybe help me out.

    I purchased Battery 2 from Digital Village in Barnet, North London, and I received the cd rom yesterday.

    I have tried to install this vsti 5 times and have failed to both load the entire library and the registration tool does not function properly.
    As my net connection is remote from my audio computer, I used the 'save' function in the reg tool and it gives me an error that it cannot read the html read file.

    I have contacted Digital Village and they have said I should go into their North London branch and have it tested there.
    The cd, however, has 2 scratches on it that have nothing to do with me.
    Digital have said it is unlikely they will take it and replace it as it has the scratches. I have stated that I have only put the cd in the tray and taken it out at the end. The scratches are not laser scratches but are diagonal across the cd.

    I have emailed NI and received no response.
    All I want is the damn vsti to install.
    I have paid for it and am more than happy to have a download version offered to me off NI's site.

    If a product arrives damaged and does not work, surely there is either a refund policy in place or, at the very least, a working copy should be forwarded to the purchaser?

    I will wait a little longer then contact my credit card company and request a chargeback.

    I cannot say I am impressed by all this, both by Digital Village's policy and the lack of any help from NI.

    Maybe £125 is not enough to interest tech support into an email response?

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    Re: Battery 2 problem

    It's ok now, I have resolved the problem.

    It needed a patch fix from NI's site.
    Shame this bug was not addressed on the home page or when purchasing the product.

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    Re: Battery 2 problem

    BTW, this is not an NI site, and they don't visit here...

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    Re: Battery 2 problem

    yea , In the Future, You`ll get better answers in NI`s own Battery Forum Rich

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    Re: Battery 2 problem

    Thnx guys.............

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