dual 2.0 ghz G5
1.5 gig ram
motu 828

running K2 as stand alone

internal drive for programs / system / 8.5 mls seek time 7200 rpm
2nd internal drive for sample libraries / 8.5 mls seek time 7200 rpm

Using panther K2 was working great. specifically August Forster Warm piano was working perfect and had no crackles.

I upgraded to to Tiger and now I can't load and play the AF warm piano without crackles.

If I turn convolution off I can then get it to play normally.

NI said they had checked this out and that K2 was ready for Tiger.

I have state of the art equipment and alot of ram. why am I having these problems?

Anyone else experiencing this? Can someone who has a system close to mine try to replicate this?

Strangely, if i open up Cubase SX on the same machine and then load K2 as a vst and load up the AF warm piano it plays just fine????

This I don't get. I was starting to fall in love with using K2 (infinately better than Halion) but now I'm just confused.

Please help if you can. I know I should not have upgraded to Tiger but I was getting reports from all of the software companies I use (like SX) that there were no problems.

One good thing is that I booted all of my other software programs and they all seem to open and run normally, (Live, reason, SX including all of my virtual instrumennts like , Atmosphere ,trilogy, RMX, X-phrase, halion, VG 1 and 2, Altiverb, B4, Reaktor, Beats working Cuba (intakt instrument) , Final cut pro, motion, Filemaker, Retrospect etc. )

I want K2 fixed now.