Just got a copy of the Studio West 96K Piano from Tascam. I happen to be in the midst of recording project to match a folio I recently published and here's one of the tunes:


I picked up the package mainly to study how a 96K piano library might be put together. They supply it in 2 reduced-size 48K versions and plus a 96K full blown 14 gig version. Had no trouble playing it on my P4 2.8 ghz, 2 gig-ram system, installed onto an empty 200 gig seagate sata drive. Only problem I had was capturing at 96K... it sounded fine while monitoring but the capture file sounded like the commercial, "And here's your audio interface on crack." All pitch shifted with a bad case of the jitters. Tried forcing it through rewire with similar results. Ended up playing the midi with Sonar 4, sending the GS3 output to my FW1884's spidif-out which I patched to spidif-in and recorded with SoundForge 7. Then shipped the 96K wav back to Sonar for daw processing. I know... I should probably pick up a 2nd 96K interface and use 2 computers.

I gotta say, I wasn't that impressed with the sound when I first fired it up. But the pdf's supplied a lot of useful insights into the library's construction and usage (but no printed insert!) so I followed their suggestions and disabled rewire, bumped up buffers, and experimented with the GigaPulse pedal-up and -down resonances (which I ended up turning off for the recording), then added a dash of my favorite vss4 96K reverb. Hope the down-sampled mp3 demo above does it justice.

btw, that's my wife Sue Keller playing and the piece was one of those misplaced Joe Lamb manuscripts originally composed in 1901.