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Topic: Interface for GS3 (Newbie here)

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    Interface for GS3 (Newbie here)

    Maybe its my age but I have a mental block about the relationship of the GS interface to the rest of my outside gear. Can someone explain what is necessary to link the GS workstation to the rest of the digital studio......in other words.....if I want to link the GS workstation digitallyto the digital console..........what interface do I need?

    I have a Mackie d8b with ADAT optical interfaces connected to a hard disk recorder. I want to be able to have the ability to use all of the GS MIDI ports, and connect "digitally" to 24 channels simultaneously.

    What kind of interface do I need to have access to the maximum number of channels? Do I need an interface with 24 digital (adat?) outputs? How about the number of MIDI ports?

    Thans for your help.


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    Re: Interface for GS3 (Newbie here)

    Hi Larry,

    To feed 24-channels of audio from GS3 to your d8b. you would need a soundcard with 24-channels of ADAT outputs. GS3 has great mixing capabilities of its own, and you can automate the mixing controls with MIDI commands on Port1.

    One thing to consider is that GigaPulse sounds great, but takes a lot of CPU power. Three or four instances of GigaPulse is about as far as you want to push most machines, and that means that you will want to pre-route your sounds into GigaPulse within the GS3 mixer. You would only want, say, three or four stereo (or surround) outputs. Okay, four 5.1 outputs is 24, so there you go...

    For MIDI GS3 Orchestra accepts eight ports of MIDI. You can get a sound card with eight phyiscal ports, or you can use MIDIoverLAN to route MIDI from one computer to another.

    I assume that your console has a MIDI output for automation. Connect this to port 1 on your GS3 machine. Now you can automate the controls in GS3 from your console. Connect the remaining seven ports to your sequencer, which, I assume, is on another computer. You can route this with MIDI cables, or with MIDIoverLAN, using Ethernet.

    I don't own a d8b, so I'm overstretching my range a bit here. Hopefully somebody with the equipment con fill in the details (and correct me, if I've made any bad assumptions.)

    Back to the "mental block", just think of GS3 Orchestra as eight MIDI modules with a mixer and effects. It has up to eight MIDI ports, and Port 1 can accept automation controls, as well as notes. It can have as many outputs as you can afford (up to some limit - I forget what it is). It can also bring external audio in and run it through its effects. That's something to consider, if you want to run GigaPulse as part of your d8b's effects loop, rather than as part of Giga.

    I'd look at RME's products for your interface. They've got a number of solutions that cover your range of needs.

    I hope this was helpful for you...


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    Re: Interface for GS3 (Newbie here)


    Yes! Thank you for the detail. It does make more sense now. As you might guess I come from the old days of analog studios. I've owned and operated my project studio for a few years now but don't really use its potential because of the tremendous learning curves....(I guess you had to be part of the PC generation to get this stuff)

    I understand the tchnology quite a bit but the "interconnect" part always slows me down. Maybe you'd like to tutor for hire....hint hint.

    Anyway I'm a writer so all this stuff is just tools to an end rather than an ambition to be a state of the art engineer. Here's my list if it helps, and thanks again for the quick reply.

    Larry Negro

    Mackie d8b (connected to MDR with ADAT)

    Mackie MDR 2496

    Cubase SX3 Workstation (connected to console via MOTU 2408 II)

    Giga 3 Orchestra workstation (no audio interface, but connected to MOTU MIDI 8 channel parallel rack interface)

    Various rack processing modules

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