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Topic: The Larry Seyer Blog

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    The Larry Seyer Blog

    My new blogs are up and running... (what the heck is a blog?)

    A Blog is a sort of 'diary' or 'journal'. Blogs can be text, audio, or video...

    Actually, I've got a couple of blogs currently running.

    One is text, which is at http://www.larryseyer.com/wordpress.

    And the other is audio... (i.e. a Podcast) that is going to specialize in 'behind the scenes' tips and techniques for audio and video production.

    The audio blog (i.e. Podcast) is being hosted on my Electric LarryLand website ( see http://www.electriclarryland.com )

    Both blogs are brand new...

    Today's show was an experiment to see if this program could be produced quickly, cheaply, and easily... My friend Magic from Unified Tribe agreed to be the guest for today's show and we simply turned on a Marantz PMD-660 in the room with us while we worked on the band's new single. (so don't expect award winning audio... today was an experiment)

    Today's show is broken into 3 parts... Since nothing was scripted, Magic and I wandered away from music and audio several times... But some will find this interesting, so we left everything in and broke it up into 3 parts.

    Part 1 is the actual work that was done today at the studio, and the last 2 parts we talk about things other than audio... and they range from old gear to life after death...

    Future shows will be more organized, but today's show proved that it could be done cheaply and quickly.

    The plan is to do a podcast each week (or even more if possible)... but this will be determined by availability of guests and time.

    Which is where all of you come in...

    I will be looking for people to interview for this new Podcast.

    If any of you are interested in being a guest on the show, I would be most interested in talking with you.

    We will start out having guests that are currently producing sample libraries... then move to the artists/producers who are making a living using those sample libraries. (Sonic Implants, Ilio, East/West, Garritan, PMI, etc this means you!)

    Our hope is to provide hundreds of shows that people from across the globe will find usefull and helpful in learning tips and secrets of fellow artists/producers in the audio production community.

    Those who are interested in being a guest on The Electric LarryLand Podcast should send an email to the following email address with your contact (i.e. phone) information.


    Since I will be in Los Angeles the week of May 9th-13th, I will be trying to hook up with some of the people out there to do interviews. So if you live in that area and want to be on the show, contact me as soon as possible.

    Best to all!

    Larry Seyer
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    Re: The Larry Seyer Blog

    Nice work Larry !

    I really like the design of your new blog and all the best with it ! I believe your main page would benefit from a similar design as well , it looks kinda "old style" in it's current state but that's just me.

    “I Want My AMD” hehehe
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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