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Topic: Protools vs Native

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    Protools vs Native

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    I'm curious if anyone else has an opinion on this. I went from using Protools hardware to native. I'm using Logic on a Dual G5, Motu 2408 with an Apogee Rosetta 800 for converters. In theory this should sound as good or better than Protools. However, I'm finding that there's 'something' missing in the sound - it seems that Protools was a bit more solid sounding, thicker mids and to me native is kind of scooped EQ wise, a bit more high less mids. Now this isn't scientific or anything, I'm just finding that I've never been completely satisfied with the sound since I've gone totally native, and I've got good verbs, Altiverb, Waves stuff, Powercore, so in my mind I should be able to achieve results that are the same or better than TDM, but to my ears that's not the case yet. Anyone have any thoughts on this or am I insane? Before I drop cash and headaches going back to Logic/TDM, please somone talk some sense into me....

    Thanks -

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    Re: Protools vs Native

    What plug-ins are you using?

    Are you using the same converters? Clocking?

    While I never discount subtle things people report hearing, it's very easy to screw up this particular comparison and come to the wrong conclusion. For example, looky here:


    Read the second test (comparing Nuendo to PT). Glenn, who posted that, is not just a casual guy - he's for real.

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    Re: Protools vs Native

    Hey Nick -

    Thanks for the reply and I know this is a really kind of vague topic. I'm not using an external clock ( I didn't on Protools either, just an old 888/24). I'm now using the Rosetta 800 as my clock (which I'm told is pretty good, not a Big Ben, but still better than the Motu internal clock). Plugins are all over the place, but mostly waves stuff and Altiverb. While converters are oviously an important part, I'm kind of talking even just midi sample stuff - even if it's all in the box sounds, I felt that Protools felt a bit more solid where native Logic sounds good, but there's kind of a 'smallness' to it a bit. I'm sure it's subtle and I may be going insane from thinking about it - it could be just be me never being completely satisfied with sound but I feel that there's something missing since I left Protools land...

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