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Topic: Drum triggering for sampled drums

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    Drum triggering for sampled drums

    Our producer wants to spice up our drum tracks by adding some BFH drums into the mix on top of the existing acoustic drums. We've offered to assist him in this by taking over the job of isolating each relevant drum hit (toms, snare and bass drum) in the wave files, but it's obviously not a lot of fun to do this manually.

    I found this relevant thread on the forum, but it doesn't really go into the specifics of isolating drum hits:

    I've also been looking at stuff like drumagog, but the demo hasn't really convinced.

    Does anybody here have any clues on how to do this elegantly?

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    Re: Drum triggering for sampled drums

    Hey Billygoat

    Try the KTDrumTrigger - I think it's working rather elegant.
    And it's free - donation if you like.


    Good drum triggering

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    Re: Drum triggering for sampled drums

    Thanks, Bo. I think this will save us a lot of time!

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