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Topic: Opening night.

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    Thumbs up Opening night.

    Who runs the show at curtain? Well, who! Me that's who. Take the bull by the horns and steer it in the right direction! First Act? Not a problem. Second act? Yell in your two ways to the stage crew the cues and when to open that curtain for the next scene! Only one mistake .... The director told the curtain hand to close during bows and exits. Me, I screamed in my two way STOP before he went all the way.
    Needless to say it went freaking awesome for the first night. And those of you that helped with the music? Wow! GPO made the magic like never before! I had people come up to me asking if the orchestra was somewhere behind stage. Being a bit of a ham and very proud to be a part of GPO, I held up my copy of GPO and said, here's your orchestra! Sounds corny I know but it was very gratifying to hear the compliments. I wanted to brag about all of the members and their unbelievable compositions and personalities!
    As far as I am concern, GPO made this musical magical! Tomorrow night is our closing night. Unfortunately, we only get two nights to perform. My dream was to have my own theatre but that will all be gone after tomorrow. Fifteen years as musical director and soon to be over. I was right last year when I said I wanted to do The Wizard Of OZ once more the right way before I leave. This was the closest to the movie I have ever produced and a sold out performance to say the least.
    I go out with a bang!
    Thanks all for your unbelievable support.
    PS - You should have seen the costumes! Damn!
    Oh, by the way. If you ever have doubts about using Diva in your music ... man, don't think twice! Diva was the highlight of several musical segments. Diva gave class to Glinda's (the good witch) entrances and exits! Diva sounded freaking awesome!!! Thank you Frank!

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    Re: Opening night.

    I'm so happy that it was a success Congratulations

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    Re: Opening night.

    Congratulations Styxx!

    It is so good to hear the show was a success! You put a lot of hard work into this and it must feel great to see the fruits of your labor.

    Of course none of us doubted you would pull this off.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. We were there with you in spirit.

    All the best for closing night!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Opening night.

    Congrats! Nice to go out with a bang, and nice to see a lot of hard work pay off well!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Opening night.

    Congrats on a great opening night! Hoping your closing goes just as well.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Opening night.

    Congratulations, it sounds like a wonderful achievement. Do post some pictures if you can!

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    Re: Opening night.

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    Thanks for sharing this with us. We were there with you in spirit.
    Yes, indeed. The "in spirit" section was packed. Hovering Room Only!

    Congrats and I'm glad it all worked out well.
    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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    Re: Opening night.

    Hey Styxx,

    We are all so happy for you, and best wishes for a successful closing tonight. What a bittersweet experience.

    As the years pass from this closing chapter, I hope you remember only the good times, and that the problems you shared with us will fade quickly. Who knows, May be someday you will have your own theatre. A dream is certainly the germ of potential success.

    I'm sure, with your wit and kindness that is so evident to us, that the many kids and kindred who worked with you through the years will cherish your memory.

    Just the ramblings of an old sentimental guy,


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    Re: Opening night.

    Styxx, I too am very happy for you.
    What a thrill to have a great show!
    Say Hi to Toto for me


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    Re: Opening night.


    And best wishes for your future projects.


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