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Topic: Someone pls explain K2 VSL Repetition?

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    Someone pls explain K2 VSL Repetition?

    Hey all - feel somewhat stoopid asking this, but how do you actually *use* the K2 VSL repetition pathces? I load them up and I get a series of slow notes.. My brain doesn't seem to want to understand the manual... It's probably my age...

    any help hugely appreciated!


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    Re: Someone pls explain K2 VSL Repetition?

    Anybody know the answer to this?

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    Question Re: Someone pls explain K2 VSL Repetition?

    The KSP VSL Instruments : Bass Ens 6 [Repetition] and Tromb Ens 3 [Repetition] don't seem to work here also. ;-(

    Could someone please explain how they are utilized. ;-|


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    Re: Someone pls explain K2 VSL Repetition?

    Me too,I can't figure out how to use them.Any help would be gratefully recieved.

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    Re: Someone pls explain K2 VSL Repetition?

    I know in theory that each note is divided into several groups, each one with a slightly different tuning, timbre, resonance - and playing repeated notes toggles between them to avoid the "machine gun" effect. You can see this in action if you open the Group Editor.

    However, the instruments that have this seem to have such sluggish attacks/releases that the effect is totally lost and just sounds "blurry".

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    Exclamation Re: Someone pls explain K2 VSL Repetition?


    I will give it a try to explain:
    (There is a description in "Kontakt 2 Library Documentation" you will find in the document folder)

    Both repetition instruments (Bass and Trombone ensemble) are based on a default repetition of 5 notes like
    Ta - Ta - Ta - Ta - Taaa (Short-short-short-short-long) which refers to

    I = first note
    II - IV = transition notes
    V = last note with a long release

    Short/long is relative because this will depend how fast you play the repetition. One important parameter is the release value. The faster the repetition, the smaller the value.

    The second important thing is that you adjust the pattern (line-nr in the script) to the phrase you want to play.

    For each of the 12 patterns available you can select which note of the repetition will be used or not. You can use key 72 - 83 to switch between the patterns while you play.

    If you i.e. like to play: Ta - Ta - Taaa ... Ta - Ta - Taaa
    you must select a matching pattern otherwise it will sound wrong. So you must switch off 2 of the notes between I - IV.

    These patterns will work with the example:

    I - II - V
    I - III - V
    I - IV - V
    II - III - V
    II - IV - V
    III - IV - V

    What if:
    a) you want to play a repetition longer then 5 notes?
    Use the Chain_Mode!
    Example: Ta - Ta - Ta - Ta - Ta - Ta - Taa.
    Select Line_NR. 1
    Select I, II, III, IV
    Select Line_NR 2
    Select II, III, V
    Press C4 (= key 72) to switch to pattern 1
    Play the phrase

    b) you want to play two different repetitions after each other?
    Use the Chain_Mode or select the pattern you want with the keys 72 - 83!


    Once again, I recommend to read the "Kontakt 2 Library Documentation"

    I hope it is at least a little bit more clear now.

    Have fun

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