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Topic: How do you post a new demo?

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    Question How do you post a new demo?

    I'm new to GPo as well and have a piece "in the works" as well. I'm not sure how I can or where I can post a "sample" of my first work- if I can of course? Any suggestions would be appreciated in advance. Also I think I can use my wifes website as a possible host but then again I'm not sure where to start. I'll post this on the support forum.

    Impressive stuff from new users.

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    Smile Re: How do you post a new demo?

    Hi Superb_Tenor,
    you can post your song, demo, and samples here in the demo section.
    If you post a link to your wife website, where you have put your songs, we can surely and plesantly download your works!!!!
    All GPO works are please appreciate!!!!
    We will wait your post, hope it will be soon....

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