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Topic: Quantizing Notes - No Effect

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    Quantizing Notes - No Effect


    I'm working with GPO+Overture. Yesterday I notated a little melody for Harpiscord and it sounds terribly out-of-rythm. Often the 4th Part (sry, I don't know the English word for that) of a 4/4 Measure sounds fast and hectical.

    I tried to quantize them (Strengh:100; Swing: 50, Window: 100, Offset:0), but there was no effect noticeable.
    My CPU is a P4-2,6Ghz, the usage is ~20% on playing, so this cannot be the reason. Has anybody an idea, what I should try next?


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    Re: Quantizing Notes - No Effect

    Hi Harvest,

    I don't know how to help with your problem, but bumping this thread back to the top of the list will hopefully cause someone to see it and help you.


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    Re: Quantizing Notes - No Effect

    Check that Options/Play Style is not "In Swing"

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    Re: Quantizing Notes - No Effect

    No, it's "as written", I've already tried all three modes..

    I noticed, that it's neither always the same notes, so if my cpu weren't so fast, I would say, the problem is there. Hmm..could a bad soundcard be such a performance brake?

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    Re: Quantizing Notes - No Effect

    I found a solution. In GPO Studio Settings, the ASIO DirectX FullDuplex Buffer was 512 in one menu and 2048 in another .. once I set them both to 512, the problem disappeared

    Thanks for your effort!

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