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Topic: "Ivy Leaves" composition alert

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    "Ivy Leaves" composition alert

    hey folks, here's a little tune done by me which I kinda like. Please have a listen and lemme know what you think. My hope is that it doesn't sound like "hold music" when you are on the telephone...

    Ivy Leaves

    EWQLSO Silver: solo violin, cello, & harp
    Bill Coakley: piano
    Various old Ensoniq samples translated with rubberchicken
    some freeware from Izotope Vinyl on the opening piano
    and the amazing freeware Crystal Softsynth plugin.

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    Re: "Ivy Leaves" composition alert

    Although I didn't hear the whole thing since I lost the end somehow during the download I enjoyed Ivy Leaves. To my somewhat educated ear the different sounds blended well (I've been experimenting with cross genre instrumentation and I know it has its quirks).

    There were enough subtle changes to hold my interest but I found myself wondering if there was a larger context, what it would sound like before or after other movements.

    In any case, as I said, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.


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    Re: "Ivy Leaves" composition alert

    oh happy day! a review! Thanks Chet. I hope you got to the good part (when the violin/cello kick in) cuz the first minute or so is just setup.

    Context: This is the first of around 4 little pieces that could become the basis for a film score. I imagine this piece being the opening credits segment for a film that is understated, and has an emotional tone of repressed passion of one sort or another.

    Glad the mix of traditional & tech instrumentation worked for you.

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    Re: "Ivy Leaves" composition alert

    You're very welcome.

    I re-downloaded Ivy Leaves and this time I got the whole thing (apparently my browser sometimes drops bits of things if I am doing a download in the background while browsing other things).

    Anyway, I'd heard almost all of it. I think the best way to learn something is to keep doing it. So do keep at it. By the way, I noticed a thread on "How do you attack scoring to picture?" which had some tips that I found interesting (including two how to books).

    As to mixing tech and traditional sounds, I am beginning to suspect that if handled well sampled/virtual real instruments can sound more real in comparison to the tech sounds and the tech sounds can sound stranger and more interesting in comparison to the traditional sounds.

    I look forward to your next efforts.


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    Re: "Ivy Leaves" composition alert

    Very nice and relaxing. This piece for some reason reminds me of the old Enigma days... more please!

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