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Topic: OT: An open letter to Northern Sound Source

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    Thumbs up OT: An open letter to Northern Sound Source

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    I typically do my very best to stay away from heated topics of interest however, I feel compelled to voice an opinion.

    In my opinion, some are too quick to judge the “behind the scenes” issues that the administration of this forum must deal with day in and day out. I read what is being said about Northern Sound Source on other forums and I strongly disagree. I feel that what is being written is misleading, untrue and very immature.

    Speaking for myself - I owe a great deal to Northern Sound Source. The administrations have always been very kind, understanding and helpful.

    Speaking for the rest of us - we have all made great friendships here. We have learned so much about music and the industry as whole. Is this place not the first click on your browser? It sure is for me.

    Speaking for myself again - I thank the administrators for making it the most successful sample/electronic music forum on the World Wide Web.

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    Re: OT: An open letter to Northern Sound Source

    Thank you very much this is very much appreciated. . As you may all know northernsounds is a very popular site. We have many different people from all walks of life Grammy award winning to the hobbyist all are treated equally. We have Developers of varying sizes all are treated equally we started this site with the vision that it would grow into a vibrant community which it has.

    We would like to address allegations made against us on this and other sites. To get to the heart of the matter we have to look at where these allegations are coming from. Certain developers would like you to think we have an unfair way of treating them. The bottom line with all these recent problems is monetary driven. It has nothing to do with helping users. What some would like you to believe is that northern sounds shows favoritism to certain developers. This certainly is not the case. Our rules and policies for dealing with group buys have been consistent from inception. We make no claims to being the originators of group buys. However how they are handled on our site has been the same from the beginning. All developers that we’ve spoken to have always been aware of our policies regarding group buys. They have never been changed; however with the growing popularity of group buys people have tried to abuse this site, attempting to circumvent our rules. So out of necessity we had to add in bold-faced letters to our rules section what we’ve always stated to all developers. Any developer here can attest to this. We’ve always been even handed in removing group buy post that have not been authorized.
    Basically with any currently disgruntled parties it all boils down to greed and exploitation of us. In order to prevent this site from being inundated by unauthorized group buy hijackers we have specific policies in place.
    There have be many threads on this issue in the past. Why was nothing said from any currently disgruntled party then? They seemed to be in agreement with the same rules at that point.

    With regards to our ns rate they have been consistent for years. You have to realize that all of this noise on group buys boils down to disgruntled individuals, who are making attempts to advance their profit margins by exploiting us this site and it’s users.
    NS is built on integrity. We cannot and will not give special treatment to anyone regardless of the size of their company. This would not be fair.
    The fact is all are welcome to do group buys here under our policies we are not forcing anyone to host a group buy on NS. In knowing these facts. Why is there such contention over group buys at this site when there are other places on the web to host a group buy?
    This point only proves what we previously said that certain people want to exploit the site and us.
    As you all know it’s nothing new for people to proliferate misinformation under the guise of aliases friends other users and or employees. We’ve had very bright well known users, developers and third party forum owners do this over the years. The unscrupulous behavior, hacking attempts etcetera, it’s nothing new to us.

    Which leads to our next point banning at ns; We don’t arbitrarily ban users. This happens when people consistently break our forum rules disregarding any communications we make to them. Usually their sole purpose is to achieve what we previously discussed.
    There are some who have multiple user accounts on our site and would like you to believe they’ve done nothing wrong, or think we don’t know what they are doing.
    Although Some might perceive certain users as being harmless. You may be shocked at we see them doing in the background.
    There are those who try to dictate to us what we must do for them, who should be allowed to do a group buy and when, what they think this site and we are worth. If we disagree they choose avenues to cause dissention in hope of bringing the site down.
    We will still continue to be 100% independent, which enables us to run this site with integrity. No developer here owns us or has us in their back pocket recent events have made this clear. We treat everyone with the same respect we’d like in return.
    It’s amazing to us that certain individuals would like to insult the intelligence of our users/developer community but fortunately most can see through their ploys.

    We’d like to say thank you to all who have supported this vibrant community although the unseen business in the background is tough at times and we don’t really like getting into that publicly.

    Thanks Francis it’s posts like these that remind us why we have the site up in the first place. Northern Sounds continues to grow.

    thank you thank you everyone enjoy.

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