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Topic: Anyone have panning issues in K2?

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    Anyone have panning issues in K2?

    Hello all...I've heard of some experiencing some panning glitches with K2, but mine doesn't seem to respond to pan changes at all. I've tried using midi cc# 10 (use standard midi CC for volume and pan is checked) and the main slider knob responds appropriately to the data changes, but there is no corresponding change in the sound's stereo positioning. Sometimes when I go hard left I think I can almost hear a slight change in the panning, but this obviously isn't working. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Re: Anyone have panning issues in K2?

    Have you tried to reloading the sounds after changing the CC7/CC10 option? When you load an instrument, it loads with the current settings. That's why you need to reload them after making changes to the options.

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    Re: Anyone have panning issues in K2?

    Thanks for the suggestion but that's definitely not the problem. Here's some clarification of my problem: With K2 as a standalone the panning is working perfectly. But when using K2 as a VST inside of Cubase SX2, I cannot for the life of me get it to work. In fact, everything sounds a tad panned to the left on default (this is especially noticeable when I use a K2 sample without any reverb). In this particular song I also have a separate instance of GPO loaded in and I'm using a few patches from that (my garritan stuff seems unstable in the K2 player as of yet). Since I was using the Ambience reverb for all the channels I tried deactivating that and using K2's built-in reverb send to see if that had anything to do with it, but nope. There must be somthing here I'm just not thinking of...

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    Smile Re: Anyone have panning issues in K2?

    Nevermind.... I had the audio output in K2 configured incorrectly. Duh.... Thanks anyway for the help

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