Please note: Whent rying to post this I get the message "Your Post contains one or more URLs, please remove them before submitting your message again." With that, I'm very sorry, but I have been unable to post links to the songs. Any help on this would be greatly appriciated, so I can show people what its all about. Thank you.


My name is Philip Zeplin, an aspiring pop/rock artist.

A year ago I wrote a song, but it never turned out very well recorded. I have been told on several occasions, however, that its one of the best songs I’ve ever written.

One of the things that never turned out very well for the song was the orchestral arrangement I had made in the background. That’s why I’m posting here now, as I was wondering if any of you were interested in music collaboration.

I’m afraid I wont be able to pay you anything, as I am both a student and an indie artist, but obviously you’d get full credits wherever the song was displayed.

The song, Together Tonight, can be heard here, in its old form:

What you’d have to do, if you were willing, would be creating the orchestral arrangement (this includes the piano). The sound I would be going for would be a romantic and fairy tale like sound. I’ll be completely re-recording everything you heard, redoing the drums, adding an acoustic pop guitar, having someone else do the bass and re-singing the vocals with another female.

The way this would work, would be that you got a mix containing whatever you’d like. Most likely the vocals we currently have, some drums and a guitar. After you’d have created the arrangement, I would need pretty much an audio file for each instrument (but if that becomes quite a lot, just one for the violins, one for the cello’s, etc). I’d download those, and I mix it myself.

On the subject of deadlines, I have a small one. The end of the month. I don’t need a completely finished mix, but something close to it, because that’s when the girl is coming to sing the vocals.

You can listen to other music I have created at my website where “Would It Be” is the latest mix I have online.

If your interested, or want additional information, leave a reply here, or contact me at (NOT the email I am registered under here, I rarely check it).

I hope I have ignited a flicker of interest in you,

Philip Zeplin