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Topic: OK, I think I understand now.....

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    OK, I think I understand now.....

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    I've gone back and forth from Soundsonline to Northern sounds and have gotten an idea of whats really goin on here... I see both sides, however, If Northern Sounds wants to enforce this kinda business practice, Oh well, It may be to their detriment, But it's their site, And if you want to disagree thats fine, Which is where the negative part of my post comes in, Those admins here have been quick to ban people.. Noone's perfect, and If you ask me, they probably made a mistake, but, it's their forums, and whether they drive people off or not is their choice.... Like I said, I see things unbiased as I can, And I see, NSS blowing it, at the same time, the community bickering... Yes, Go to EW's new forums, I just registered there, and I will continue to post here and at Soundsonline... But I really cant stand to see the damn bickering from anyone of you.... I really like you all, and respect you all, Who knows what will come about.... If NS made a big mistake so be it, but it IS their forums, and we the people will decide where we will reside.... This being said, I hope their wont be any problem getting the archives of the EW forums....... I hope to not see any.."Take that!" attitude from anyone....

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    Re: OK, I think I understand now.....

    Hi Steelhed,

    I agree with you. I've joined that "other" forum as well. I haven't made a big issue of complaining here because a forum is NOT a democracy. I do view the actions of this forum's moderator as suboptimal and unfortunate. They could have taken the high ground, but chose to react emotionally. It saddens me to see them respond to reasonable requests with, "It's been asked and answered" when in reality it hasn't (been answered). The biggest loss is the archive of the EW forum here. I imagine it will get rebuilt piecemeal at the other forum, it'll just take some time (and problems from users).

    not so cheery,

    Steve Chandler

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